Oh Lovely Lace… How I love you

{DIY Lace Earrings… Thanks to Honestly WTF}

I love Lace, but better yet I love DIY’s that are all about Lace. Look at these that I found last week, lovely lovely LOVELY. I just can’t wait until I can collect enough of the small doilies to make this Light. Oh boy, I cannot wait. 
Have any of you seen any other Lace DIY’s that you can share, or better yet ones that you have made yourself? I wanna hear about them. 


{DIY Lace Doilies Jewelry Dish… Thanks to Sodapop Design}

{DIY Lace Doilies Wreath… Thanks to Martha Stewart}

{DIY Lace Lamp… Thanks to More Design Please}

{DIY Lace Vase… Thank to Hey Gorgeous}

{DIY Lace Handbag… Thanks to Country Living}


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