Our Second Home; The Vancouver Aquarium

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Most locals and travelling visitors call it the Vancouver Aquarium, but us, we call it our second home. It may be Sofia’s second time here in her entire life, but that changes starting NOW; this family is proud new owners of a yearly pass at the Vancouver Aquarium. It just felt right for us, Sofia’s loves animals, and in most cases the animals feel mutual.

With plans to visit quite often over the next 365 days, I couldn’t be more excited about all the new and upcoming changes to the facility. From the beautiful renovations already taken places, and to those upcoming, the addition of the adorable clowncove and new indoor/outdoor cafe, I don’t even begin to scratch the surface of all that’s wonderful and amazing there. See the reveal here.

We visited the aquarium on Wednesday this week, and let me tell you it was heavenly. Schools in and most parents are back to their 9 to 5’s which means we pretty much enjoyed the place to ourselves. I mean come’on who can say they’ve got one-on-one time with a beluga; and I’m serious when I say one-on-one, absolutely nobody was there.

If you need us, we will be at the Vancouver Aquarium; to the other yearly pass holders, see you there, on Wednesdays!

//here is why it made sense for us. sofia is free until she turns 4, so when we visit we’re only paying for 2 adult rates at $29 each. a yearly pass on the other hand, for 2 adults is $140, so paying itself off in 2 visits just felt right. 

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