Photodump Friday

{from right to left, top then bottom}

1. a messy kitchen means something will soon come from it that should be yummy
2. you have to admit, pants are a little over-rated. i just wished I looked this good in that outfit.
3. realizing that a picky eater does not raise her nose to anything that has been put on a stick. 
4. proof is in the smile, i cannot believe it has taken me this long to figure out

5. a girl can never own too many sunnies. am i right?
6. waiting for our tuesday morning baking class to start. waiting is not either of our strong points. 
7. learning that DAVIDsTEA now has toddler tea. sipping with sofia starts now. 
8. s is for sharing. i swear this kid loves to share more than she does consume.

….come follow a girl on instagram, then you can enjoy my life by images hourly. I promise, I won’t disappoint  Crazy stuff happens all the time in my world, this way you can watch from afar and enjoy not being the one who has to clean it up. 


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