PREGNANCY: Hospital Bag Checklist


This right here is me tweaking a Hospital Bag in the past that never got a passing grade. I have done this once before and now that I know what to expect (which can also be the unexpected), I’ve finally nailed down what I feel is the Mother-Of-All Hospital Bag lists. Will everyone agree with what I’m bringing and why? Probably not! Will you need everything that I need? Possibly! Might you need more than what I’m packing? Could very well be! But guess what?! This Hospital Bag checklist is a GREAT place to start, removing items you don’t feel pertain to you and adding in personal things you believe will help you not only labor comfortably, but for your stay at the Hospital thereafter. 

Here is what I think, start with my list, because of course, then sit down and think about what you would get comfort in having in an unfamiliar place, doing an unfamiliar thing, with unfamiliar people around. Exactly! Tons of change comes after the delivery of a baby and making sure you have some home comforts I feel are a must and make the best labor and delivery story.

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First things first, you need the perfect bag; like this Lug Wheeled Duffel Bag. Something big enough to carry “all the things” but not too big that you’re the butt of all jokes during the nurses lunch break. Ample room with ideally some separate compartments (after all, you’re packing for 3), lightweight, water proof (because accidents happen) and in a perfect world it should have a pull-out handle and wheels for easy transporting. I personally found all of this and more in the Lug Wheeled Duffel Bag, she really is a beautiful thing, you must take a peek!



//Unless of course you plan on giving birth at home or a nudest colony you’re gonna need to pack some sort’of clothing for yourself. The theme for these items should take on a weekend at the spa feel, you know, pack comfortably with absolutely zero concern for impressing anybody. Just like a weekend at the spa, minus all the rest, relaxation and massage oils.

*  Nursing BraI actually chose this sleep bra
*  Comfortable Underwearones that you will likely dispose of before getting home… seriously!
*  Breast PadsI’ll be bringing these ones along with my Latchpal Breast Soothie by Happy Fig
*  Birthing GownI have this one, and wrote all about it here
*  Pajamas & LoungewearI have this one and this from Figure8 Maternity packed
*  Slippers & Sockstrust me, the last thing you want to be doing is walking around the hospital barefoot
*  Headband — I have a thing with white bow headbands during delivery, bought one from this ETSY shop
*  Hair Ties — currently obsessed with these amazing hair ties – brilliant for curly hair
*  Belly BanditI chose this one
*  Flip-Flopsfor the shower
*  Going-Home Outfit — choose wisely, something comfortable but also an outfit that makes you feel good

//Our hospitals locally give you your very basic necessities, but why count on them to have all you need, that and why take the chance you could go toothbrush-less for a few days?! Uggg 

*  Face Wash & Moisturizer
*  Face Wipesa nice easy way to feel rejuvenated, face wipes are a fast way to feel refreshed
*  Body Lotion & Belly Butter
*  Nursing CreamI’m bringing my lanolin but I’m also going to bring/try this one from Blooming Belly
*  ChapstickI chose this one by Burt’s Bee because it’s straight-up the very best; hospitals are dry
*  Toothbrush & Toothpaste
*  Bar Soap and/or Body Wash
*  Deodorant
*  Contacts and/or Glasses

//Because honestly leaving home without these things would be disastrous! You will want to document this moment for memories (including reminders why 2 kids is plenty) and of course tell the world about it the moment you’re ready to share, so bring all the things that will help you do just that. 

*  Camerafully charged and don’t forget an empty memory card
*  Tablet & Charger fully charged and full of movies, music and books (not saying you will have the time but why not)
*  Cell Phone & Charger
*  RadioI’m hoping to bring this Bluetooth radio by VQ as I think it would be a nice little luxury to have 
*  EarbudsI chose these Sudio Bluetooth ones, which means I can listen to music or watch shows without bothering a sleeping baby or snoring daddy. Total bonus that they’re wireless and won’t get in the way with baby or breastfeeding ((get 15% a pair for yourself using code missmama15))

//Those fun added pockets on that beautiful bag should not be left empty, pack ’em tight. Here are some extra’s that are just as important and the breast pads, body butters and underwear, just serve a completely different purpose. 

*  Treatsgranola bars, gum, mints and I chose a few favorite sweets for daddy and I because hello! we deserve it
*  Personal ID & Wallet
*  Birth Planif you have one, might be a good idea to bring a few copies in case a nurse change happens during labor
*  Pillow & Nursing Pillownothing says “everything is going to be alright” like curling up to your own pillow
*  Prenatal VitaminsI chose these ones
*  Laundry Bagbecause you’re a mom now,  you leave a trail of this everywhere you go. Welcome to Motherhood!
*  Water Bottlebecause little styrofoam cups just won’t cut it when I WAN’T WATER NOW!
*  Pineapple JuiceI’ve read and heard amazing things about the great benefits of Pineapple juice. Not only helping with recovering after delivery and inflammation, but it’s also got lots of natural sugars that would be good for any mama with Gestational Diabetes that’s unable to keep much of anything down during or after delivery.




//As cute as they’re as naked diaper babies it does get chilly in the hospital. Leave the fancy-pants designer threads you scored on sale for another day; think comfy cozy cuddles.  

*  Sleepers — I plan on bringing about 3, in the case that we dirty any and our stay is longer than 24hrs
Mittens — Just a good idea to have in case baby is a hand-talker, those nails are razor sharp
Hat — I’m certain all hospitals supply one (such a fun piece of memorabilia to bring home) but I found this and  had to have it
Going-Home Outfit — Something warm, cozy and of course cute, because hello! all the pictures

//Yes yes, babies need “other” things too  

*  Blanket & Receiving Blankets — I’m bringing a warm blanket, this one by LOULOU Lollipop and 2 receiving blankets
Soother — I have purchased, sanitized and packed 2 of these by AVENT, they’re our favorite
Diapers — I’m certain your hospital will supply these, but in the case you need a few more, why not
Wipes —  again quite possibly supplied by the hospital, but I like to be prepared for everything
Car Seat — probably your most important “other” item, we purchased this newborn car seat




//You know they won’t be taking the infinitive to do this for themselves, it’s best you do it and make sure they have something to change into when those inevitable words come out of their mouths “I wish I had thought of bringing something clean to wear”. It feels so good to save the day at moments like these; oh so good!  

*  Change of Clothing — you will know them best, but maybe some sweat pants, a tee and a change of briefs
Flip-Flops — they may or may not shower at the hospital, if they do they will thank you for this one

//They will need a refresher as much as you will after the delivery, it’ll be a nice surprise for them that you thought of them too. Although the men don’t do the physical part of the whole labor and delivery they sure do get put through an emotional ringer, they will need a little refresher after we’re done with them. 

*  Face Wash and/or Face Wipes unless you’re willing to share yours
*  Bar Soap 
*  Toothbrush & Toothpaste
*  Deodorant because I doubt he wants to smell like Lotus Flowers

//Of course, the men need an “other” section too

*  Pillow he will say no now and think you’re going overboard but trust me, he will want it
*  Change for parking and the vending machines, because who knows when hungry will strike
Ear Plugs — because hospitals are busy and babies cry. It’s just nice for him to have the option to zone out
Cell Phone & Charger



AND THAT’S A WRAP; my Mother-Of-All Hospital Bag Checklists is complete. Did I go overboard? Maybe! Do I care that I have packed things I may not use? Not even in the slightest! Does it allow me to rest easy at night? Absolutely! Did it all fit in my bag? Minus the pillows, car seat and camera… YOU BETCHA! #letsdothis


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  1. i packed a duffle bag. it’s kind of heavy with all the stuff i put, i should’ve used a small carry on luggage that has wheels.

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