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Depending on what kind of person you’re, this list could be short and sweet or it can be roll-out onto the floor long, for it’s somewhere in the middle. I like to be prepared and ready for all that could come by way, I’d rather be overly stocked on all thing newborn baby than get stuck without in a moment in need. How I justify it is if I don’t need it a friend will. So without further ado, here is what I consider New Baby Must Have Items:


1// You plan on going out with baby don’t you? This Window Shade by Munchkin has got to be in your vehicle at all times, especially in Vancouver where the sun is as predictable as a toddler who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. May you never get caught on the freeway when the clouds break, the sun decides to blaze and that baby begins to lash out. Unless of course you took my advice and bought the window shade, then make sure you always remember your sunnies in that adorable baby bag of yours! >> great price at Target! 

2// I have heard nothing but magical stories with unicorns flying over head when it comes to this product. The DockATot has come highly recommended by many friends, family and celebrities mamas as it seems to be the IT item right now. Good for lounging, playing, napping, sleeping and snuggling; the DockATot is a nurturing and cozy surrounding that allow babies to feel calmer being in a smaller environment mimicking the mother’s womb. Sounds magical and sounds like a good reason to start a petition demanding they make these in adult sizes too. >> also sold at Lord & Taylor 

3// A sleeper, is a sleeper, is a sleeper? HA! Not quite my dear friend, not quite! When you stumble across a 4-leaf clover do you toss it aside without making a wish?! Didn’t think so, once you’ve felt the magic of a Finn + Emma 100% Organic Baby Footie Sleeper you know magic exists. Those who have put their hands on 100% Organic Fabric know good quality and care go a long way when it comes to what touches your body, especially at night. I’m not saying all baby’s sleepers are this fancy, but what I am saying is I hold hope that if I a save these good ones for the night, assuming I can keep to a strict laundry rotation, I will get the most sleep out of my baby as I possibly can. We all know what “5 more minutes” can do to a sleep deprived parent! 


4// In my wisdom-filled eyes, this one’s a no-brainer. I doubt I had to mention it, but let’s be real, the tail end of any pregnancy can be cruel to us all, I’m making this as straight forward as possible. Video Baby Monitor; a Levana Video Monitor is what we had with Sofia and we we will have with our next little bundle of love. This time around we got a bigger screen, a few added bells and whistles because why not? We chose the Levana Willow Video Monitor. With a 5″ HD touchscreen monitor, room temperature sensors, 12-hour battery life and a camera that can quietly pan/tilt/zoom aka creep on baby at a tap of the finger. I was sold. >> also sold at Buy Buy Baby 

5// Oh! the memories that lay within a child’s daily milestones, these Baby Milestone Cards by Milestone are exactly what you need to document these days that will sneak up on you and make you ugly cry. And I mean that, I bet you never thought a baby rolling over on their own would make you shed a tear and cheer like they’ve won an Olympic Gold Metal?! Just get them, trust me! >> also sold at The Land of Nod 

6// When baby is close, baby is happy, a simple concept that never fails. This is why a Solly Baby Wrap by Solly Baby is a must when it comes to bringing home your baby and hoping to get back into a routine again. Those first few weeks when you’re home all baby really wants is to feel as close as they did to you for the past 9 months while they get used to life on the outside. Don’t fight it, do you know the things you can do while wearing a baby? The list could go on, but let’s be real it allows you to bake cookies and that’s enough for me to buy one.


7// My motto when bringing home baby is “do whatever to keep baby from crying” and my guess is yours might be something quite similar. Sofia had a swing and I’m certain it saved us from at least a dozen unnecessarily arguments about burning toast or leaving coffee pods behind in the machine with Sammy, I’m certain of it. This is why we will forever swear by a swinging apparatus and it’s why we upgraded with the times and got the Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Seat this time around. It does everything that a swing does and more, which should mean absolutely zero unnecessary crying from baby and a husband that kisses me every morning on the forehead while offering me a cup of tea. Right? >> great price at 

8// Our biggest pitfall when driving in the car with Sofia was not being able to see her due to a rear facing car seat; which meant I spent nearly a year as a backseat driver. Where my backseat mamas at?! I think the Baby In-Sight Mirror by Munchkin is going to be a game changer for us this time around, that and the fact that her big sister will be back there with her chatting her ear off. The mirror, it’s going to save us, Sofia might need to be put on a strict talking to a minimum rule. The mirror not only does what it is supposed to, reflect, but it had a night light for evening driving (to see baby clearly) and also sings lullabies. It comes with a darling little remote, easily stored in a glove box or an overhead visor that allows you to instantly snap a baby out of a funk with the light or music function. Not taking my chances, it’s already in my car ready to go! >>  great price at Target 

9// Obviously, this one is less for baby and more for sanity mama. Keep those cupboards stocked to keep those eyelids open. I doubt I need to explain myself, but what I will tell you is my house will be stacked with DAVIDsTEA Cream of Earl Grey for one reason and one reason only. Must. Stay. Awake. 


10// Bath time can be one of two things, playful and sweet just like you see in all those adorable commercials (the ones that sold you on motherhood when you were 5) or murderous and stressful like in real life. Why babies cry when being taken out of cozy sleepers and thrown into water when all they really wan’t is to either sleep or be held is just beyond me. All I know is I was constantly guessing myself why Sofia dreaded bathtime so much as a newborn. Was the temperature good, too warm? too cold? Did she hate being naked, or maybe she hated the lavender I was lathering her in at a desperate attempt for a solid 4 hours of sleep? This time around I’m ensuring I have the White Hot Ducky by Munchkin to ensure I rule out a few of the questions, that and a few unscented brands of baby body wash. >> great price at Buy Buy Baby

11// Quite possibly one of the most adorable blankets you will ever own, the Watch Me Grow Baby Blanket by Hip Hip Gifts is a must from day one. After you bring home baby the nights may seem long but my goodness time will fly. I honestly think the most common phrase I heard from friends and family was “Oh! Boy! has she ever grown since the last time I saw her” and people we’re talkin’ only days have gone by since these people had seen her.  You don’t realize how much they change when they’re attached to your hip. Document the days, the weeks, and the months with this super sweet and custom baby blanket. You’ll never regret it!

12// Remember when I said I like to always be prepared? Okay! Okay! I may have said over-prepared! This is another one of those items that could possibly save you from eating an entire bucket of ice cream to yourself. The Munchkin Nursery Projector is one of those baby items you could live without, by why take the chance when it could possibly save  your life?! Happy Baby = Happy Mama >> great price at Target

13// I’m not saying you’re going to use the Squeeze Spoon right away, but it’s one of those items that you can easily forget about if you don’t buy it when you come across it. Munchkin makes this adorable spoon that will make introducing foods to baby easy. Simply fill the spoon, squeeze and feed; they make it sound so mess-free don’t they? Either way I bought into the whole picture, and you should too. >> also sold at

…and in closing

close-doorhanger-1Although I did not include this in the list above, I feel like it needs to at least be mentioned. It’s FREE and it may just save a life, not yours, but someone elses, and I’m all about the idea of keeping a mama out of jail, so I had to share. These door hangers can save a life, like the UPS Driver or maybe that pesky neighbor who thinks coming over to offer you their left over lasagna right at NAP TIME is a grand idea. These Do-Not-Disturb Baby Door Hangers are seriously the best thing I’ve seen in a while, made by the ever so funny and talented Amy from Pregnant Chicken. She has made them a free printable that you can print and cut out at home. Hang those babies on “all the doors” and let’s all do our part to ensure…





DID I MISS SOMETHING you think I should know about in the coming weeks before this little baby of mine shows up? If so please comment below, private message me, send me an e-mail, get a hold of me any way you can because I wanna hear ’em! 



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  1. Georgina Clarke says:

    Great items, I am currently making a last minute bits list and will be adding a wrap to it! I have been trying to research which one is best and then ignoring it all when I got too confused!

    Georgina Clarke – UK Pregnancy Blog


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