PREGNANCY UPDATE: Week 38 (13 days to go)


People! I’m 38 weeks +1 day pregnant!

I’ve been growing a baby now for 267 days, I’m 8.8 months pregnant, in my 9th month of this pregnancy… and all I really want is for this baby to be laying in my arms right now! I’m over this whole pregnant belly thing, over answering all the random inappropriate questions at the grocery store with perfect strangers, I’m over it all! Trying to remind myself to enjoy it as this time will be the last time. Last time for feeling baby kicks from the inside, last time I will have this life-size growing belly, and the last time I find myself constantly apologizing for bumping into “all things and people”.

Finding it very hard to stay focused on these “lasts” and more just wanting to get them over with so we can start celebrating the “firsts”.  I just want her with us now, with me forever cuddling and enjoying each other in real life, real time. Is that too much to ask at this point?

Clearly you can tell, I’m done!

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