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When opportunity came knocking in the form of an OTZShoe, you’d better believe I jumped all over it. This shoe obsess-or has yet to slip her foot into a shoe with a cork sole and I wasn’t going to pass up on sharing my thoughts with you. I mean I’m kinda a shoe guru, my collection not only takes over our foyer but a basement spare room; so my review of sorts is really something that should be taken seriously.

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I chose the Troop Shearling, as our winters here in BC can be quite chilly. They look like a little parka for your feet, and after trying them out one evening stroll I was exactly right. They were.


CorkLite®is our lightweight soft cork footbed. It is made from a compression molded EVA form wrapped with a 1.8mm cork casing. The footbed is lined with a 1.8mm suede leather cover. This provides a softer cushioned ride that gradually molds to the shape of your feet.

The quality of this shoe cannot go untold. From the design to the shearling curls and leather lace’es, OTZShoes choose premium quality to produce their shoe line, it’s no secret; and anyone who touches a pair will know this. It’s the cork sole that had my stumped. I am so used to putting my feet into ridiculous arches and almost always choosing looks vs. comfort, I had a fear my feet might reject this kind of luxurious treatment one would call comfort. The first time I tried them on I decided to jump in, feet first {horrible joke, I know}, I took them out for a walk one evening with friends, a leisurely stroll if you will. They were actually quite heavenly, I thought at one point I could hear my feet cheering me on as I walked. Then again, that could have been the caffeine talking, as that day I may have blown my record on consumption of creamy early grey in a 24 hour period. Either way I have worn them a dozen times already, thanks to their casual cozy style, I have had no problem styling them with tights, jeans and even sweats {ssssht don’t tell}.



Now for the straight goods. You’re going to want a pair, and heck! I don’t blame you; I want another, and Sammy also wants a pair or two {one for indoors and another for out}. OTZShoes has graciously given all my readers a chance to buy their own pair of shoes at 20% with a Little Miss Mama promo-code. Use LMM20 to purchase a pair {or two} and receive 20% off your order now, until November 21st, 2013. Two weeks to make a decision on what pair you just have to have. Not easy, but defiantly doable.

What OTZShoes are you crushing on?




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  1. Hi what size did u get? And u didn’t weSr socks?

    • Sofia, I got a size 39, I am a US size 9 and they fit perfectly. I’ve worn them both with and without socks and both ways I find they are a perfect fit. I don’t have terribly thick socks, so this would by why. But to be perfectly honest, I prefer without.

      Let me know which ones you buy.


  2. Those look SO comfortable!!!

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