Rocky Mountain Flatbread Cooking Class

Our fabulous group of Vancouver Mama Bloggers were invited to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. to enjoy a Mama and Babe Cooking Class. Naturally we all jumped on board without any hesitation  getting together with these ladies is always a blast, especially when our mini people seem to have just as many if not more  giggles as we do. 

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. is so brilliant is has 3 locations, one on Main street, one in Canmore, and another in Kitsilano. It’s a restaurant that is open for Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner and is beyond kid friendly. I mean this literally, all locations boasts a mini play kitchen, where your babes are able to let their minds run wild in imagination, while their food is made and arrives table-side  Talk about brilliant concept for busy babes who’s patient has yet to develop. With a menu that makes the entire family happy, this is no doubt one of Sofia Marie and I’s favorite places to go. 

Our Cooking Class was designed for our broad range of babies as we had little ones ranging from 9 months to 5 years. With that, Rocky Mountain Flatbread did a brilliant job to make everyone feel like they were taking part in all the fun. From cutting and mashing avocados to peeling mangos and carrots, to mixing popcorn to rolling out and topping their own pizza’s. Our menu consisted of a mango avocado guacamole, with carrots for dipping, an apple pie popcorn treat, and personal pizza’s. Everyone got their little fingers involved and we all left with full tummy’s, and smiling faces. 

Mommy… num-num? again? 

Mama! Me! Make num-num!

If you have ever thought of signing up you child for a cooking class, Rocky Mountain Flatbread puts on a fabulous class, and you nor you child will be disappointed  A complete hands on class, that gives your child a sense of independence, and achievement as they leave the doors. I would highly recommend it. 

 {photo thanks to Amy from the connection we share}

{photo thanks to Amy from the connection we share}
 {photo thanks to Amy from the connection we share}

{photo thanks to Amy from the connection we share}

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. also has a Family Pizza Making Night, and you can even host your Children’s Birthday Parties there. Do yourself a favor Vancouver Mama’s and check them out for yourself.  
GIVEAWAY: Also if you like Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co on Facebook, they are going to be giving away 2 passes to a fan for their Family Pizza Making Night, so head over and fan their page. 

** we all attended this cooking class in lieu of our time spent on an article written for RMFC, however all opinions are my own. I love that Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co is so kid friendly, and I also love how fresh and organic their ingredients are. I would never post about anything I didn’t truly love.  


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