$4 Skin Hack for Perfect Skin {beauty}

It was just one of those days that I decided I needed the help.

Walking into Shoppers, sweats on, hair up, skin naked, doing the car seat arm curl, browsing down the ever so daunting cosmetics aisle. Perfect skin was all that was on my mind, and while normally, I’d browse the aisle for far too long, consider a bunch of new foundations claiming greatness but eventually finding myself right back at square one, in front of the CoverGirl section reaching for a bottle of “old faithful”. But this time was different…

I bravely stepped out of my comfort zone and for the first time ever I approached a beauty consultant to ask for some help. 

“ah….. might you be able to help my find a good, full coverage foundation?”

I GET IT it doesn’t seem like a big deal, asking for help from someone who is there to provide it, but for me, someone who rarely asks for it (beauty and beyond) it was life changing. 

Firsts she asks me about my skin routine. HA! No really I laughed in her face just like that. “HA! my skin routine? as in the products I use on my face to wash and moisturize each day, twice a day?” I said to her.

…I’m not here to judge” as she giggled and shook her head “bar soap and coconut oil, I don’t care, it will just help me determine the best product for you and your skin“.

I tell her that “if I am lucky and get a free moment to wash my face at night, I use an Olive Oil based cleansing bar and then an Aveeno Moisturizer.

“...okay great! That works.” she says and goes onto explain that she’s not here to change my routine, unless I want to, and she will merely make a suggestion based on just looking at my skin. She says that exfoliating my skin each night would make a world of difference, not only in the texture and look of my skin but it also helps with making the most of a foundation. She went onto explain (clearly I had a confused looked on my face); without exfoliating, I’m really just putting a foundation on a layer on dead skin which will end up looking cakey and dry, eventually flaking off. So she says to me “…when you asked for a full coverage foundation you took me back, because your skin right now doesn’t look like it needs full coverage. Do you have a second to play with some foundations right now? Let’s find something you’ll love!

How could I say no… that and Stella Grace was being exceptionally good, just enjoying the show, it was almost like she was saying “no mama really, you do you!“. Whatever it was she was trying to say at her wise old age of 4 months I was taking as an opportune time to treat myself, my skin, to something I should’ve done years ago. 

She sat me down, cleared my skin with a cotton puff and some fancy-pants cleanser my skin would likely never feel again and begins to try some foundations on me. She asked my budget to which I reluctantly replied “let’s not worry about that and just see where it takes us.”. I like to think money is not an object when it comes to make-up and skin care routines as this is really the place where I should be spending extra considering I’m putting it on my skin. But we all know if she handed me a bottle of foundation with a price tag over $50 I’d likely pass. THEN IT HAPPENED, after only 2 foundations, each compared on a half of my face we both realize she had nailed it with the second one she tried… and guess what it was not FULL COVERAGE, nor was it bank breaking ($30), and my skin looked perfect! 

I have a little secret I’m going to show you…. the best part is it’s only 4 bucks!“. I don’t even know what it is at this point but I am ready to THROW MY MONEY AT IT. She takes me by the wrist, says “…oh you’re going to have the most perfect skin!” and excitedly takes us to an end cap and starts to spin the rounder looking for this so called cheap miracle “…here it is, a sea sponge, use this each night and each morning while washing your face. It may not feel like much but trust me, within 24 hours you’ll know this was the best money you’ve ever spent! okay?“. She hadn’t steered me wrong thus far I wasn’t going to second guess her now! 

I asked for help and got more out of it than I ever expected! I walked out feeling like a brand new woman with a new foundation and seas sponge in hand; IS THAT WEIRD? The moral of this story is to always always ask for help from the chipper beauty consultant, she may just change your (skin) life. 


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  1. How do you use it? Have you used it and what do you think? I’m very curious as I find I often have dry flaky skin!

    • Farin, I promise to do another post all about the changes in my skin! I realized after writing this it was more of a story about my day and less about how AMAZING this little sponge has made my skin and how to use it in a step-by-step (actually maybe I will do that for tomorrow). I use it each morning in the shower and then before bed after I take off my makeup (if I’m wearing any that day #momlife). I make sure my face has been washed clear of makeup and then I use my face wash on my face and go around in small circular motions with the sea sponge removing dead skin cells. It doesn’t take long, I say I spend about 60 seconds doing my whole face and then I rinse with warm water and dab dry. Always follow up with your moisturizer and then your foundation, or moisturizer and then head to bed. SIMPLE. You will notice a huge difference just on texture alone after doing it 1 time! Let me know if you have any other questions Farin! Sorry to leave you hanging!


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