Sneaking in Vegetables… Professionally

I’d like to think that I could go through motherhood completely honest. Sofia would respect that, appreciate it as she grew older, and had complete trust in me as I did my mama. BUT let’s get serious, somethings need to be done, and by this I mean she must eat vegetables. If she is going to snub the broccoli and carrots, then I will steam, puree and sneak them into her food. It’s that simple. 

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that it was time I start to play hardball with this little nuggest of mine. At 18 months, she has made a stance, chosen a theme song, and walks with some serious purpose. She does what she wants, eats only what looks good to her, and says no with a side of stare down like nobodies business. Almost scares me. ALMOST! I know I am not the only one here who struggles with feeding their picky eaters, so here’s hoping I can shed some light on how to professionals sneak vegetables into their already loved foods. 

I hit up Chapters Books yesterday morning… arriving 30 minutes before they open, thanks to Sofia who decided 6am was a good time to wake. We spent the wait time watching our favorite youtube video, gyerekdalok. For all I know Sofia has been speaking to me in full sentences the last 6 months, in hungarian. Anyways, we get inside and Sofia beamed it for the kids section. Found a ball, a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser, and a Tiger Beenie Baby, and sat peacefully in the Teacup all while mama hunted down Jessica Seinfeld’s Cookbook. Found it, jumped for joy, and fell to the ground in shock. What?! I’d only be down and out $13.95 to professional fool my child. Life was good! We found Sofia a book, I spent another 15 minutes coaxing her she didn’t need another ball and stuffie and out the door we went. Everyone happy!

After just flipping through briefly, here is what I have scoped out that makes me gitty inside. Anyone have this Cookbook? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’ll be back to share our experiences with you lovelies. Stay tuned! 

Egg Puffs that hide Butternut Squash

Mozzarella Sticks that sneak in Cauliflower


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