Snowmageddon {family & life}

This week is calling for more snow and it’s got me in a blizzard of emotions (see what I did there? lame right!). I absolutely despise having to go about my day-to-day in it, it stresses me out, it slows most of us down and those it doesn’t usually end up causing ugly accidents all over the city. BUT then there is this, the moments it creates that will go down in my family memory bank of BEST TIMES EVER.

SNOW… I still got love for you, but this is the last time okay, move over and make room for Spring. She wants to stop by for a visit and it’s only fair, you have been here longer than expected. 

>> Do you ever hate something so much but then at the same time love it? No? Just me? (doesn’t surprise me!

We celebrated my dad’s birthday a few weekends ago and almost managed to get the ENTIRE family together under one roof (missed you Cam!). The night before it came down hard and threatened to keep us all in our homes celebrating over Skype. We all decided to push through and take it slow and steady, packed a few extra treats (because you never know) and headed out the door. All eventually making it to my parents place, we took to a celebratory brunch and then headed off walking to a hill near by for some unplanned fun in the snow. 


I actually had ZERO intentions on going with everyone since it was verging on Stella’s nap-time but with a little convincing on my mum and sister’s part, the next thing you know I was bundling up in whatever extra clothing I bought and Stella was being made into a baby burrito (and loving it). Sammy and I played pass the baby taking turns going down the hill, laughing uncontrollably having the time of our lives!

It’s so funny how the unplanned in life goes down as some of the best moments in it!  



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