…so this is six

You look like your dad, I’m told this weekly when I grocery shop and the lovely cash attendant feels the need to remind me, but MY GOODNESS are you ever me! I’m catching myself more and more these days analyzing your ways, listening to your every word (especially when I have no part of the conversation) and watching your every move and let me tell you…. KID, you’re me!

OH SOFIA, how you’ve taught me so much. From unconditional love (first baby, first true love) to never taking myself seriously, to stalling before bed (you’re by far a champion of this, should they ever call it a sport) and how easily one came wrap their father around their finger. All these things and so many more I’ve learnt from you and I will be forever grateful. 

A lover of all animals (and duck whisperer), an old soul, sensitive yet resilient, and true underdog supporter; you amaze me in your ways Sofia, every single day. 

If I can have ONE WISH for you today, on your 6th Birthday it would be for all your past birthday wishes to come true. Mama knows you’ve wished for the same thing on each blown candle, ever since you knew what the whole “make a wish” thing was all about. BABY, the day I find a dog that you’re not allergic to is the day we welcome a new member to our family.

I LOVE YOU Sofia Marie, Happy 6th Birthday!


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