Spot the Steal

Purse Spot the Steal


I love playing “spot the steal”! Why you ask? Well it’s really quite simple, if I don’t spot the steal, then the bag that has fooled me into thinking its worth much more than it really is, it added to my wardrobe. FUN ‘EH!

One of these bags is $45, while the other chimes in at $1,260. Just a tad bit of a difference to the pocket book, right ladies? Tell me, which bag has your heart? Will you be saving money or over spending this afternoon?

PS: Click on the baby purse images, below the top article, to find out the price of both. Come back on comment if you sniffed out the bank breaker! I’d love to hear it.  


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  1. I found the steal! Saw-eet!

  2. I found too!!! cha cha 😀

  3. I was wrong… I thought the pink one was the steal. I should have known better lol.

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