Spot the Steal: Animal Attraction

What do you think lovelies? Is it ONE or is it TWO?
Who knew an animal head in the fashion world could turn such heads. This “animal head” trend that we see popping up not only on the runway, but in our favorite stores online seems to be exactly that, a seasonal trend. As I personally am not a huge fan, I will not be sad to see it go, whenever it does choose to fade out. But for now, let’s embrace the face, and try and Spot the Steal. Do you think you have what it takes lovelies? While one of these dresses is perfectly priced under $20, the other rings in at $343. Although steep for a trendy dress, I guess if you love it that much, I save do it, save your pennies, and hope you can get there before the trend is extinct. So tell me, can you Spot the Steal?
Comment below, and let me know did you get it right? Or did I shock you this week on the steal?

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  1. I think one is the steal 😉

  2. I think one is the steal 😉

  3. I think no. one as well. Ohhhh I love this game!!!

  4. I guess two was the steal… I was wrong… lol one day ill figure it out lol.

  5. Hey you changed your comment section… just sayin

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