Spot the Steal: Envelope Clutch

Spot the Steal


Spot the Steal can sometimes be heart wrenching for me. I catch myself dreaming about the contenders all night long, and how beautiful they would look in my closet. Then I wake up and remember my bank account has not been mistakenly switched with a Kardashian and I’m left broken hearted. This weeks Spot the Steal is no different. The Envelope Clutch has come into our fashion world just like an express post letter. Fast and furious, and so many different varieties. I really do love this trend and hope to see it sticking around a while. Longer than the Harem Pants at least. Can you Spot the Steal? Which one rings in at $39 while the other is a whopping $310?


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  1. Um love the steal even better!!! Shhh!!

  2. Dang I was wrong… I’m not loving the steal so much

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