Spot the Steal: Wide Brimmed Hats

Spot the Steal: Floppy Hat


The wide brimmed hat, or better known in my house as the floppy hat, is such a fabulous accessory for the busy yet fashionable mama. It can be thrown on at the last moment, pulling together an outfit to look beyond chic. All while keeping everyone from seeing you roots which have yet to be done in the last 6 months, or maybe a horrible case of “not enough energy to do something with my hair” type of day. Either way the wide brimmed hat is no doubt a must have in your fashionable mama wardrobe. 

This weeks Spot the Steal is all about the beauty and ease of a hat. Let me tell you mama’s if you don’t already own hats, you are missing out. While one of this weeks Spot the Steal comes in far too rich for my blood, just under $300, the other is no doubt obtainable at a mere $38. Can you guess which is the steal lovelies?   


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