The Roxy Love Affair

Who hasn’t had a night to remember at The Roxy? 

Well… get it together lovelies, because I’m about to make you feel like a bunch of infinities right now. The Roxy is celebrating their 25th anniversary, can you believe it? 25 years of memorable nights, epic performances, and the reason behind horrible mornings. I’d say they deserve a feature on Little Miss Mama, wouldn’t you all agree?

Now I could go on and on about the memories I had at The Roxy, both inside the club and while standing in the line-ups… but I pride myself here at Little Miss Mama, as being a wholesome mother, so we shall leave it at that! What I will say is, I wished I had met my husband there, after learning about this brilliant contest they are hosting in celebration of their 25th. All couples who met at The Roxy, will compete, head-to-head in newly-wed style competition, winning a second honeymoon.

So, lovelies, if you met at The Roxy over the last 25 years, I urge you to contact their promotions department {} and get on “The Roxy Love Affair” panel. It’s worth a trip down memory lane, including a second honeymoon. 


On June 16, 1988 Granville Street welcomed what was destined to become one of its most famous bars, The Roxy Cabaret. What was once known as the seedy part of town has grown to become today’s entertainment district of Vancouver with The Roxy as its beating heart. As any worthwhile endeavor does, building a brand takes time and effort and Blaine Culling – one of The Roxy’s co-founders – is no stranger to that struggle. In the early days, Blaine refused to wait for people to fill the bar; he went out and found them, spending his evenings and weekends driving around town, picking up people and bringing them back to the Roxy. This camaraderie and friendly attitude Blaine exhibited back then has echoed right through to today. The Roxy has become a venue within the community that offers something for everyone, from our Vancouver locals to celebrities and professional athletes.

Over the past 25 years, many renowned and legendary performers including Mike Reno, Ace Freely and Ronnie Dunn have graced our stage for impromptu jam sessions with our house bands. While we love to see the energy and star power that these performances exude, there have been many other stars inside The Roxy who have not jumped on stage but have settled in to the comfortable atmosphere of the backroom. This inviting atmosphere continues to draw local talents as well as some international athletes and celebrities with both the Stanley Cup and Grey Cup making their own appearances. Even with all the locals in attendance, The Roxy still proves to be the hot spot for those visiting teams who take on our fair city as well. It has even been said that certain NHL teams go as far as make their travel arrangements so to not allow their players to stay the night in Vancouver in fear of the Roxy Effect.

To celebrate the past two and a half decades of living life like a beer commercial, The Roxy will be throwing a three day party in mid-summer. Never ceasing to disappoint, The Roxy is working with Canadian Talent Agencies to put together an incredible lineup that will speak to patrons both past and present. Drawing crowds from all over the province and country to pay homage to this Granville Street institution, the 25th anniversary party is sure to be the biggest and most publicized event to hit the city of Vancouver since the 2010 Olympics. The city is already abuzz with excitement around this milestone event, and it will only grow in the coming months. Leading up to the main event will be monthly parties, celebrating all aspects of the venue and recognizing all of those who have played an important role in The Roxy’s success over the years.

Our February party, ‘The Roxy Love Affair’, is calling all couples who met at the venue to return to the scene of the crime. The event will consist of a newlywed style competition between the top couples, with the winning pair receiving a second honeymoon! We are actively looking for as many couples as possible who met and married from The Roxy. We are encouraging the couples to either send us a video entry or email a photo and written entry to over the coming weeks. The top entries will be selected and invited down on Friday February 15th for a private fully catered and ironically beautiful dinner inside The Roxy. After which the couples’ friends and family members are all encouraged to come down and watch them compete to be the official Roxy couple.

We will be doing the old ‘Newly Wed Game Show,’ wherein couples will be asked questions about their spouses. The couple who does the best (most correct answers) will win a second honeymoon to a 5 star all-inclusive resort in a beautiful tropical destination. In true Roxy style, this event will certainly be fun and of course a little quirky.

Details for the remaining events will be posted on, on Facebook and on Twitter here or here.

For media inquiries: Tania Richards, Director of Sales, Marketing & Promotions 
Granville Entertainment Group


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