Tiny Happy Tuesday

So my girl Hillary over at Hillary with two L’s Please has started a movement, Tiny Happy Tuesday’s and I wanted to get involved; mostly because I need some tiny happies in my life, and because I love this girl! So let’s do this people, let’s share our tiny happies and have a warm tingly feel good moment together this Tuesday (one that’s not brought on by caffeine)…

Tiny Happy Tuesday is a prompt to acknowledge the good, no matter how small. Acknowledging (and sharing!) tiny happies can lead to bigger happies as we train our brain to find the good. 

Tiny Happy #1 // Sissy

Sofia has made it very clear over the last few months, she come to the decision that she wants Stella to call her Sissy. She doesn’t want to go by Sofia, or Fia, or Fifi… NOPE! none of those will work, the only words that she wants to hear coming from her little sisters lips (when she can put more than gibberish and spit bubbles together) is SISSY! I giggle at this because, well, yeah… I can’t wait to hear it the first time in real-life, it’s going to be magical!

Tiny Happy #2 // Bandit

Last week during one of our daily gallivants running errands, while in the car we passed by a bit of a situation between a guy, a bank and a police officer (you get the gist of it). As we were just driving by, I glanced in the rear view to see if Sofia was looking out her window, preparing myself for the inevitable conversation that was about to unfold; and she was. I waited, watched her eyes grow wide and the little gears in her head start turning, I was totally ready for whatever she was going to ask… and then she says “Mum! Holy Damn-It! Did you see that Bandit?!”. Wasn’t even sure how to react. ((ps: we don’t allow our kids to speak this way, clearly Sammy or I slipped up that week; but you have to give it to her, she used it so well))


Tiny Happy Tuesday 
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