TRAVEL: Our Disney Trip Update!


It’s been almost a month since we announced our exciting travel plans of visiting Mickey Mouse and his entourage. We are just smitten with the thought that their is less than 50 days before we hop on a plane and make our way to the magical land of Disney. Sammy and I are probably more excited than Sofia, not to downplay her daily askings and excitement levels by any means, I just think because we’ve both been once before we know what’s instore and that just can’t be put into words. Even  with the horrible state of our Canadian dollar, we’re looking forward to every little bit of this family trip, including the over spending and over indulging. #bringitondisney

We’ve booked our flights, our accommodations, and transportation, all the items needed to get us there, mobile and sleeping soundly each night. We still have to book our park tickets, make some park dining and show reservations, as well as plans a basic itinerary for the 8 days. But with these major reservations secure a trip update was in order:

WestjetFLIGHT// booked here
We booked our flights through Westjet, they offered the best price for the most ideal times that we wanted to travel. We didn’t sit on the fence long when we found out about a coupon code that gave us an additional 20% off. In total we are paying $1100 Canadian for 3 travelers, Vancouver to the John Wayne return with decent times both going and coming {leaving in the later morning and coming home in the early evening}. For Sofia’s first time on a flight we were very specific, we wanted to make it easiest, for everyone. We wanted to avoid doing either two things; waking her up to catch a flight or flying during a time that she normally should be fast asleep. We chosen times that allowed us to make the most of our time in California without jeopardizing everyone’s sanity. We’re happy with not only the cost but customer service thus far having used it twice already to pre-book seats and get a price adjustment on our flight {we’re those people who watch for flight cost drops}. We’re happy!

airbnbACCOMMODATIONS// booked here
We booked our stay via airbnb and had a pretty specific requests when it came to where we would lay our head down at night. If it was a hotel, it would have to be a 1 bedroom suite with king bed and a kitchenette. If it was a home rental it had to have a private pool and if it were a condo or townhome we stayed at, then it must have access to a pool, and close to the park and a high rating. After researching until we were blue in the face Sammy and I were finding that financially it was best we booked a private home vs. a hotel {seeing as the Howard Johnson was completely booked and the Disney Resort was completely our of our price range}. We soon fell in love with a townhome just a short walk from the park that had 3 bedrooms, TV’s in each, a full kitchen stocked with more luxuries than any hotel could ever offer us, access to a high chair and stroller, internet, air conditioning, private patio, BBQ, mickey shaped pool, hot tub, and free parking. We’re so smitten with this booking.

AlamoTRANSPORTATION// booked here
Sammy secured this part of the trip via Alamo, no deposit had to be made, just simply a reservation to secure the price, vehicle type and dates. We rented a SUV as their will be 5 of us travelling together in total, and we wanted ample room for people and luggage as we will be bringing ourselves to and from the airport. The cost was $268 American for the 8 days and that includes the rental of a car seat for Sofia. Sammy will continue to hunt down prices as we get closer to arrival and if we see something coming in at a better price we will make adjustment, but thus far we are pleased with pleased with this price.


DON’T FORGET to follow along in our travels via social media, #TheCiullasDoDisneyland. I will be posting posting now and into our trip, live. If you’re looking for travel inspiration check out our other posts here and check out our hashtag via instagram #TheCiullasDoWhistler and #TheCiullasDoHarrison.


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