TRAVEL: Ditch The Hotel, 7 Better Options


Your next trip doesn’t have to be in a hotel room, and could quite possibly be the best trip you’ve had because of it. Taking your travel plans into your own hands is probably the best thing you could do if you ask me (assuming that’s what you’re doing right now, asking me). Don’t even for one second think you can’t do it yourself, especially with so many user friendly options out there. Doesn’t matter if you’re travelling alone, as a couple, or a family booking, you must look into these 7 websites for travel accommodations. We’ve used 2 of these platforms already on 3 vacations and plan on doing the same for the next too.

So without further ado, here are 7 Travel Accommodation sites that you’ll want to use next vacation:

  1. Kid & Coe
    Always keeping the family in mind, Kid & Coe is a travel accommodations site that offers kid-friendly vacation rentals from all around the world. With over 500 properties featured on their site, I’m fairly confident that you will find one that check off all the boxes on your wish list.

  2. Night Swapping
    Free accommodations sounds nice doesn’t it? This is what Night Swapping is all about, share your house with someone and they’ll share theirs with you; a perfect swap. I’ve never tried this, nor do I feel my house is really “swappable” as we’re situated on the outskirts of the city as well, we don’t have a picturesque balcony off our master that looks onto a cobblestone courtyard with fresh bread delivery on pedal bike. But still a neat option that I just had to share none-the-less.

  3. airbnb
    Tried, tested and true, we’ve used airbnb and it’s everything it’s cracked up to be. Worldwide accommodations for every budget, and accommodations in over 190 countries, it’s honestly one of the first places I think of when we are looking to stay away from home.

  4. HomeAway
    With over 1 million listings on their site, something tells me if you can’t find travel accommodations on HomeAway, it actually may not even exist (quite hunting for a house in the clouds with free unicorn rides will you).

  5. FlipKey
    A TripAdvisor company, FlipKey not only has 300,000 vacations home rentals within 11,000 cities in the world listed on their site, but they also has the largest collection of authentic guest reviews. When it comes to renting travel accommodation like these, all you can count on is past guest reviews and images. Unlike a hotel, you won’t find a review on the exact room and bed for that matter you’ll be putting your head down to rest, so read through and feel 110% comfortable with booking your next vacation home.

  6. Vacasa
    With new vacation rentals listed in Belize and Panama, Vacasa may just be the next travel accommodations platform we will be needing (right Sammy? riiiiiight?!). Another great site for alternatives to booking a hotel suite, Vacasa has 2,500 vacation homes in some of the most desirable destination.

  7. VRBO
    Another site we’ve used with great success, VRBO is probably the most mainstream of the 7, with vacation rentals listed worldwide on their site. We’ve booked with VRBO locally and afar and have had great success with both. So long as you’re reading reviews and ensuring they’ve got reviews you should be a-okay.


HAVE YOU ever used one of these sites? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them, and better get a personal review from one of the vacation rentals you stayed at. Keeping those babies in my back pocket for when I win the lotto, good right?!



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