TRAVEL: Great Wolf Lodge {Grand Mound, WA}

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The Great Wolf Kids Clubhouse Crew
Visit the Clubhouse on the second floor and make your own stuffy (included in the Pup Pass)

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Water-Park Cabana Rentals
From $99 to $129 have a private Cabana at the water-park, with service staff and a stocked mini fridge

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The trek into Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound Washington is nearly 4 hours from where we live, including the border crossing and traffic on the highway in Seattle. Needless to say we had no hesitation in making the vacation a reality because we had high hopes for this place, we had heard so many good things. Great Wolf Lodge has been on our travel radar now going on 2 or maybe even 3 years, we knew based on the cost with our Canadian dollar and the time it took to get there, everything had to be just right for us. 

Great Wolf Lodge
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We had wanted to wait for Sofia to get a bit older, taller and more adventurous before attempting this vacation but when we stumbled across a deal like we did ($99 a night in a family suite), we just jumped both feet in. Although we thought she could still use a little extra time to grow, the deal was too good to pass up and the next thing you know we were booked and ready to start packing for 3 days of Great Wolf Lodge amazing-ness!

Along with our reservation, we upgraded our booking to include breakfast both mornings which cost an extra $60 ($30 each breakfast), we reserved a Cabana which was an additional $99 and finally we upgraded our stay to include a $44 Pup Pass for Sofia. The Pup Pass although it cost $44 has a value of over $70 in products and services to use throughout your stay; it included:

  • One Creation Station animal (outfit not included)
  • One Color-Your-Own Item at Cub Club (t-shirt, backpack or pillow case)
  • One 12 oz. Mike and Ike candy cup from Buckhorn Exchange Gift Shop
  • One single scoop ice cream cone from Bear Paw Sweets & Eats
  • One Paw Points game card ($5)
  • One Clubhouse Crew Adventure

Would have I done all these upgrades again having now been? Absolutely! Tell me, is there is anything better than a buffet breakfast while on vacation? Plenty to choose from that will please every picky-eater to food-lover’s palette (some favorites were the breakfast pizza, custom omelette station and even waffles made in the shape of animal paws). The Cabana was thoroughly enjoyed by our entire party (we traveled with another family and my best friend), it was a great place to call home while we all were at the water-park. Table and chairs you knew were always available for your resting pleasures anytime of the day, service staff for any needs, a TV, daily newspaper, a secure safe and a fully stocked mini-fridge with juices and sodas’ for you to enjoy (free of charge). The Pup Pass kept us all more than busy during the time we were out of the water and literally kept on giving. 

We had morning cuppas’ at Starbucks that made me and Lindsay all sorts’ of happy, we enjoyed buffet breakfasts at the Loose Moose Cottage, the best Pizza lunches at Hungry as a Wolf and our dinners back at Loose Moose Cottage which had converted over to buffet-style dinner restaurant. We topped one of the nights off with ice cream at the Bear Paw Sweets & Eats and while I was left salivating over the candy apples and insane looking fudge, I did leave without, as my tummy was overflowing with Mike and Ike’s. We thoroughly enjoyed the evenings PJ Party and storytime in the lodge foyer, the free face painting during the lunch time lineup, the Clubhouse Crew Adventure and all the fun we had (parents included) at the Northern Lights Arcade. This place did NOT disappoint, we came with crazy high expectations and left beyond impressed.

Our plans going back will be the same, however probably won’t happen for another few years considering how our lives will change come September with baby #2’s arrival. But we look forward to venturing back out to Grand Mounds Washington’s Great Wolf Lodge, or if by then our dreams come true and they open one in Squamish (rumor has it) then we will save ourselves 3 hours and book there for our second visit to Great Wolf Lodge


HAVE YOU GONE to a Great Wolf Lodge near you? Tell me how amazing was it for you and your family?


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  1. How did you find this deal for $99 a night? Love this post; it’s so informative!!

    • Tairalyn says:

      Farin the deal was one of those things that I’m not sure happens often as we’ve never seen it this low. They were offering $99 a night rates on their Website under the tab that says “special offers”. They had dates within May and June, mostly weekdays but still at that rate we were willing to make it work. The plus side to going on a Monday – Wednesday, it wasn’t terribly busy, not huge lines at the slides and when doing all the quests with the kids we were not travelling in a herd to the next clue 🙂

      I say keep checking on on that tab every now and again and see if you can’t nab something like this when it comes available again. ALSO you may just wanna try and call customer service and ask if they plan on making this offer available again anytime soon. Never hurts to ask right?


  2. I have always wanted to go to a Great Wolf vacation. There’s one not far from Toronto. Just waiting until the kids are older. We went to the waterpark at Niagara (it was a big one) and that was a lot of fun especially as someone was baby sitting the kids!

    • Tairalyn says:

      Mezba, I love the sounds of your day at the waterpark. Ha! Sounds like the perfect date day idea to me (kid at heart over here).
      I hope you get out to the GWL in Toronto, I’m certain you and the kids will LOVE IT!


  3. Angela V says:

    That looks like too much fun! love it!

    • Tairalyn says:

      Angela, it was amazing! I have no doubt your family would love it too!
      Hopefully you can go and snag a deal like we found. *fingers crossed*


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