TRAVEL: If you could go anywhere…


If you could choose 3 places to travel, and money was no object, where would you go?

I choose Italy; for the food, for the history, and for the language – I choose California; for the magic, for the fun, for the one moment that takes Sofia’s breath away – and lastly I choose New York; for the shopping, for the experience, for the people. If money was no object, I would travel the world, only stopping to take pictures so I could bask in the memories for years to come. Travelling is something I can’t wait to do more of as Sofia gets older. I look forward to the days, in fact I dream about the days ahead.

Tell me lovelies, where would you go first?
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  1. Paris – Eiffel Tower and all the museums!
    Scotland – the beauty and the castles
    Ireland – same as above…and Westlife 😉

  2. I love your list. For me it would be Paris, Italy and we are going to Disneyland next Summer. I can’t wait!!! I love to travel and experience the world.


  3. I would go to Africa

  4. Well my friend, I would go to your house. A beautiful backyard, a cool fireplace, AIR CONDITIONING, a cute lil girl and a great host and hostess!! And endless tea!

    Paris, Monaco, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Greek Island, Croatia, Switzerland, Disneyland in other countries would be nice too, but will they compare?. I guess we’ll see…..

  5. I would go to Naples to eat pizza, New Zealand to climb some of their amazing moraines and Bora Bora to sit on a beach and sip a cold, tropical cocktail.

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