TRAVEL: Is the Disney Photopass+ worthy of it’s hype?


Yes! Straight up, it’s worth every last penny, the entire 6,995 pennies that it cost ($69.95 if you buy it at least 14 days prior to your visit or $99.95 purchased anytime) it was worthy of, and more. Coming home knowing that I had just over 160 photos of me and my family together inside the park made this girl as happy as a clam.

So here is how it works:

1. Buy the photopass+ online here
2. Wait for the package to arrive in the mail (a photopass voucher and a CD with stock images)
3. Register online as per the instructions on the voucher, tuck it into your travel documents and leave the CD at home
4. Head in through the gates of Disneyland with one thing in mind, GET THAT PASS. Go to the Photopass Sales Center located at the end of Main Street (on your right going into the park) and hand in your voucher. They will give you a pass card, looks very similar to a credit card hanging on a lanyard. First thing you will wan’t to do is take a picture with your cell phone of the back in case it gets lost. The information on there is vital to claim your pictures if something tragic like that would happen.
5. Next you’ll wanna wear it with pride, I found some Photopass Photographers called me over when they saw us wearing it, so make sure you keep is visible.
6. NOW you can head into the park and enjoy all of it’s perks. See a Photopass Photographer and get them to take your picture. They will scan your card which will put it on your account, and that’s it! So easy!

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A few notes I feel need to be mentioned, because we all wan’t the most out of our passes right?! Tip number one, you can’t take too many photo’s; Disneyland puts absolutely no cap on the number of shots you can leave with, so go wild. I recommend asking the Photopass Photographer to take a few shots, and even ask if they have magic shots (these are shots they take and photoshop in some of your most favorite Disney character). Tip two, if you ask nicely you can also have them take a photo with your own camera or cell phone. You know, for those times you just can’t wait and wanna upload onto instagram like RIGHT NOW! Another tip some of the major rides like Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and California Screamin’ take your photo while you’re on the ride, those are also included. At the end of the ride when you all funnel out and get toured by a wall of comical masterpieces, take note of the photo number on the screen and pop up to the service desk located within the ride and ask them to put it on your Photopass. Give them the photo number along with your Photopass card and they can load them onto your pass right then and there. Another awesome tip for those who are also doing character dining, the Photopass can also be extremely useful here as well. Have the pictures of your children meeting the characters done professionally and put on your pass.


SO ASK ME AGAIN if I think the Photopass+ is worthy of it’s cost, and I’ll say YES 10 times over! Best money spent in Disneyland next to the bubble gun (you know what I’m talkin’ about mamas’) and the Dole Whip. Oh how I could so go for one of those right now, off to pinterest I go, a copycat Dole Whip recipe is what I’m after.


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