TRAVEL: Our Disney Trip Update {Accommodations}

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“…sorry but the home you’ve rented for your stay will not have a functioning pool due to maintenance”

This was the less than exciting news we got last Tuesday. We got a phone call from the property manager we had rented a home from with the news. The home that we were going to call our own for our magical 8 days in Disneyland at the start of next month was going to be pool-less. Fan-freakin-tastic! Now what?! No really, that’s what I had said to her, “now what Valerie, this was our main criteria for our vacation accommodations”. Obviously it wasn’t her fault, and I was not placing blame on her, but the thought of trying to find a new place to stay in less than 3 weeks time seemed impossible.

I hopped online instantly (because of course) and we started to hunt down plan b. Reaching out to some old connections I had made with the other homes, questioning last-minute availability.  I searched everywhere, and waited on replies, with the lingering thoughts we wouldn’t find a place that matched what we were after, it was not a stellar day in the Ciulla house hold. We had planned so much up to this point, dedicated so much time to making sure it was so perfect for Sofia’s first experience and the thought that the maintenance man was going to mess it all up ate at me ALL DAY.

Then, a ray of light! Her name is LaDonna. Along with her ray of sunshine, she brings a beautiful private home 1 mile from Disneyland (I’m talkin’ backyard fireworks show every. single. night.), 4 bedrooms,  3 bathrooms, and a gorgeous private pool (see picture above). But wait! There’s more people… It has a games room (ping pong anyone?), a backyard fire pit, a high chair, strollers, 5 televisions, satellite, and wireless internet. What more could a family ask for? No really, I’m asking? What more could a vacationing family ever want in rental accommodations? Anaheim Vacation House have seriously thought of it all.


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Isn’t it funny how these things happen, almost on purpose? I say this now only because the stress of it all is behind us and we can now relax again. Overjoyed and so grateful things went they way they did. Now to get back to packing, and booking a few more things. Like our Disney park passes, a character breakfast, a few dinner reservations, and of course grocery delivery for the day we arrive. It’s all coming together and I couldn’t be more excited!


YOUR LAST VACATION did anything go aerie? Was there last minute stresses like ours?


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  1. Sorry you had to go through that stress but your new accommodations sound AMAZING!

    • Tairalyn says:

      Everything happens for a reason. I agree it wasn’t ideal for the amounts of stress we endured, but it’s all over now. xxoo

  2. We’re hoping to plan our girl’s first trip to Disney in the Fall, so this is really helpful! Thank you!

    • Tairalyn says:

      So exciting Sarb! Please do ask if you have any questions, after all this I should be a total pro 🙂


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