Up…Up… and Away – Sofia’s First Birthday

Sofia Marie’s First Birthday was a Blast. With all her closest friends and family there to celebrate, it was documents with memories and pictures, both that will last a lifetime. I just love where life is these days. As I sat on the grass and chatted with everyone is was so much fun to sit back and see where life has taken us all. With kids, or expecting and enjoying every moment together.

Sofia was spoiled, as expected with gifts galore. From Clothing to Toys to Books and Bikes she got everything a 1 year old would want and more. I think I can chalk this Event up as a complete success and I can’t wait until next years… a new theme and more babies running around us. #LifeIsGood

Happy Birthday Sofia Marie…. We love you more than you will ever know!

1. Sofia from 1 week to 1 year in Milestones and Holidays
2 and 3. Marshmallow Pops
4. Candy Shack – “fill you bag full for the ride home”Ā 

1. Sofia’s favorite cousins, Caiden & Brackton
2. Sofia making strides with Nana
3. Sitting pretty with her Great Nana
4. Opening Gifts and loving the Dora Books her Nana bought her

1. Sofia and her Auntie Shanalisa
2. Sofia and her friends, Sebastian, Kiara and Brax, Sky High
3. Sofia and her Cheerio Birthday Cake

1. Daddy and Sofia letting the birthday balloons loose
2. Waving goodbye, excited about what’s ahead of us all

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  1. Wow that looks like it was great fun! I really like the candy shack idea, I think I will do that at my sons next birthday!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I love her outfit…how adorable is she!! MAMA you did a beautiful job on the party and all of the decor/candy/etc!! Love the idea of the photo timeline!! xoxo Lots of love…I still need to send Sofia her bday gift!!


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