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You may recall I did a post back in September about my thoughts on an organic skin care line, and the importance of a routine when it comes to your skin. Today, I’m here to update you on my Michael Todd True Organic journey and share some new products I’ve tried and some awesome new sets they have launched, just in time for the holidays.

I’ve been using my Michael Todd skincare routine now going on 2 months and I couldn’t be happier with my skin. Taking my skin flawlessly into winter is something I’m not quite used to, however I will tell you it take no time to get comfortable with the concept. I did order some additional products that I knew I would need this upcoming months, I live in British Columbia, and our winters can tend to get on the frigid and dry side, a good skin moisturizer is necessary. After reaching out to the MTTO team of scientists, explaining my skin type, and desires in an everyday cream, they recommended 2 moisturizers.

1. Concentrated C // antioxidant moisturizing serum // hydrates, restores and fortifies skin
2. Liposome Antioxidant Moisturizer // dmae and hyaluronic acid // moisturizes & firms – fights premature skin aging

I’ve tried both the moisturizer and serum for over 2 weeks and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results {and a random side note, I used it simply out of curiosity on one area of my leg that suffers from eczema and from one time use it almost cleared it up. I’m going to experiment more with this, so more to come on that a little later}. The directions on the back of the Concentrated C explains how if you are using the serum in the mornings pre-makeup, you can mix both the serum and moisturizer together first before lathering your neck and face, allowing just 5 minutes to soak into your skin before beginning your makeup routine. Saving you time and getting the best results from both products. I love how they suggest this, making it so easy to stick to your routine, give your skin the pampering it deserves each and everyday.

…if you feel the richness on your face, you know you’re doing good to your skin

My skin, especially during the fall and winter months can get stiff, dry and almost itchy and over the past 14 days, I’ve had absolutely none of this. I wake up with a face that feels fresh, clean and most important moisturized. My thoughts are if you feel the richness on your face, you know your doing good to your skin. I love the two new products I’ve added to my daily skin routine, easy and effective.

If you ever have any questions, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out and ask, comment below, or in private at hello@littlemissmama.com – I am always hear to help. I would be more than happy to chat skin with you.



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