Weight Loss Update :: Day 15


I figured I still with the current pattern and go sans-makeup and a top knot; because why not. The days are flying by and lucky for us so is the weight. I know it will not continue at this rate so I am not expecting to lose the 50lbs by the Summer, but I am very happy with where I currently sit. Since day 1 I am down 8.3lbs and a total of 5.5″ all around. How could I not be happy with that?

…good things come to those who sweat.

Met with my naturopath on Monday and we did the expected, the weigh-in and the body tests. Weighed in with a 3 lbs loss and the tests went great; enough water in the body and surrounding cells. She no longer wanted me on the protein only portion of the diet and we switched over into what hey call the “cruise phase” of the Dukan Diet, which is alternating days of protein only and protein and vegetables. Nothing else changes are far as restriction go, and I must continue to drink 3litres of water a day. We further discussed what she expected on this phase as I will be on it until most of the weight takes a hike {I mean this in the rudest way possible — beat it chub}.  Dr Natalie would like to see a loss of 2lbs a week, no less, and possibly more depending on my workout routine. WHICH is what I am researching now; I would love to get a legit fitness game for my xbox 360 Kinect, I just have to go through all the reviews and figure out what I need most. My top 3 choices thus far are Nike + Kinect Training, You Shape Fitness Evolve, and The Biggest Looser: Ultimate Workout. What I am looking to get out of my fitness game would be options, meaning one day yoga the next day kick boxing and the following day weights. Would love some input if anyone has used any of these games; in fact I would consider sending you the next 5lbs I lose in the mail if you steer me in the right direction! But only because you all have been so gracious and supportive on me through this all; seriously I had no idea these past two posts would be my most viewed. THANK YOU


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  1. You are rocking it, lady! I’m so glad you’re sharing your journey.

  2. Congrats!!!!!!!! You are doing amazing. Keep up the good work.



  3. That is really interesting information thank you for posting it.

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