Weight Loss Update :: Day 46



I promised I would give you an update this weekend and I would hate to be made into a liar; so here you have it. Today we mark day 46 of my weight loss journey and we currently sit at 22.5 lbs lost. I’m pretty stinking happy to say the least. I mean a month and a half ago I was nearing 200 lbs and today all I see is a number closer to 150 than it is 200. Now I could sit here and toot my horn over and over and over again, but how much fun is that {okay, it might be a little fun}. What’s better? Telling you how proud of I am Lindsay who too has started her own path of health and happiness. She has, without any hesitation I must add, joined me in loosing 50 lbs and I can honestly say I owe my success too her. She is my support system, she’s my encouragement, and naturally my cheering squad; she is beyond amazing.

Lindsay has dropped 15 lbs and she looks amazing. Although she is always smiles when I see her, I find her laughter to be that much more beaming. Hard to explain, I did my best; what I’m trying to say she’s amazing, she’s gorgeous, and I’m so very proud of her.

RECIPES :: Rewards are key for me when I am making a diet change in life. If the reward is food, it needs to taste guilty but naturally be guilt-free. Lindsay and I searched and searched for the perfect sweet craving satifyers’ and O think we nailed it this round. With a Carrot Cupcake that you can enjoy on your protein and vegetable days, and a Whoopie Pie recipe that you can savor any day of the week. The Whoopie Pie recipe originated from Dukantopia and the Carrot Cupcake recipe from My Dukan Diet; we’ve made a few adjustments, but only based on personal preferences.

DukanCarrotCupcake WhoopiePies

DIET UPDATE :: Met with Dr. Natalie yesterday, and after our routine weigh-in and getting all hooked up to her machines, she has advised me my body is showing wonderful things. My cells are improving greatly, it shows that my body is reacting very well to the Dukan Diet with pounds lost almost all from fat, my body is not retaining nearly as much water, my body is also starting to work like it should; hello metabolism kick-start. I’m really very happy not only to see numbers going down on the scale but also see my inner body numbers going up. This is really what’s important; life longevity. 

WEIGH IN :: I’m down 22.5 lbs which means only 27.5 lbs to go; almost out of the 170’s and it feels so good.

JOIN US :: buy your books {here or here}, plan and pin your favorite recipes from our weight loss journey board {here}, menu plan your attack phase, and reach out to us {hello@littlemissmama.com} letting us know you’re making a movement into healthy and happiness with us.

HASHTAG HANGOUT :: anyone joining us in the Dukan movement? If so, don’t forget to tag your posts with #youcandukan, Lindsay and I would love to keep track of your journey, rooting for you along the way, giving you the support you need {and if you don’t need it, too bad, we’ll give it to you anyways}!


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