Weight Loss Update :: Day 85 {tough times}


Hiccups along the way were expected, I knew I would eventually plateau, it’s always what you hear from others, but I had no idea it would hit me so hard emotionally. Feeling defeated, feeling down, feeling very helpless. 

I have successfully lost 2 lbs each week over the last 85 days, give or take a little, however the last 2 weeks for me have me at a complete standstill. I am fluctuating between maintaining my weight or gaining a pound, it’s heartbreaking. Sometimes this happens when someone gets comfortable in a new diet plan and feels they can deviate a little here and there as they are strong enough to get back on the bandwagon after just the one bite, that’s not the case here. With me it’s something different, you see my last time seeing Dr. Natalie we spoke about my birth control situation. I brought up the desire to get off the pill, and she nurtured that thought and agreed the decision was a great one coming from a health standpoint. We spoke about about why I was on it, and have been on it since I was 18, which is unlike what most may think. Birth control for me regulated my monthly cycle also while helping in alleviate pain; my periods are so beyond excruciating and I couldn’t do basic daily tasks during the first 72 hours of my cycle.


>>fast forward to today, where I know a lot more, and I know it’s not the best option for my health, I made the big decision to quit. My last pill was June 29th and since then my weight loss has taken a bit of a turn. You see birth control for me masked my hormone issues that have always been there, they never fixed them, nor did I think they would. However now I have to take care of them, figure them out, and get back on track to a happy, and comfortable healthy lifestyle.

Since going off the pill I have been feeling extremely off and unlike myself; bloated, crampy, and losing absolutely no weight. I called her on Monday morning and was out to see her Monday evening for some help. Due to the fact that I am still doing all that I should be on the diet, consuming my ridiculous fish-like intake of water {3 litres a day}, she is very certain it’s my hormone issues showing face, full force. She has me on a few natural products to help with leveling my hormone and flushing those that are not needed or wanted for that matter. I see Natalie on Friday and am quite interested to see how my levels are reading, I wan’t to figure out this little glitch in my system and move on.

…i’m smart enough to know things will turn around, but still feel down; defeated

I will continue plug away, as it’s what my heart wants; I deserve to make it out on top. For this journey was never supposed to be easy, it was supposed to push my boundaries, and give appreciation to my body. For what is a battle anyways if the win is an easy one? 



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  1. Heather says:

    Sorry you are going through that. What natural products are you taking to balance your hormone levels?

    • Tairalyn says:

      Thanks for your concern Heather. She has me on a few items one is the Nature’s Way DIM-plus and another is Metagenics Meta I3C.


  2. Consider it a small bump in the road.. You have done great on your journey so far and this is only a little detour 🙂

  3. Natalie says:

    I’m sorry to here about the plateau – I’ve been “plateauing” for the past year – I’m at a happy weight, but I’d still love to lose those last 10lbs! I wonder if my pill has been doing it. I did go off for about a year a while ago – but I seriously experienced the worst acne ever. Hmm, debating.

    • Tairalyn says:

      I say do it. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself Natalie. It takes a good 3 months to get all the BC hormones out of your system so stick it out, stay strong. Stock your cupboards of chocolate!


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