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If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I’ve been bustin’ my ass this week with my new, highly recommended, work out video, Slim in 6. My naturopath mentioned I needed to get my hands on it the moment I started on the Dukan Journey, but because I like to let things sit and stew {hence the 50 lbs I’m looking to loose}, I didn’t end up with a copy in my hands until the end of last week; and boy am I happy it’s here.

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I started my new routine this past Saturday, and planned to complete the 35 minute video every other day. Waking up after day 1, feeling the aches, the pains, all those awfully wonderful feelings that come after a great work out, I craved more; that morning I did it again. Then came Monday, I think we all know how that went. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday felt awesome; and here’s why I felt like “woman of the year”. I planned it perfectly that Sofia had a fairly mellow mornings with a favorite cartoon and breakfast, while she enjoyed I prepped our dinner for that evening. Marinaded what needed to be, had everything sliced, diced, and ready to go; cleaned up and out the door by about 9am to get into all sorts of trouble. I made sure each day we were home for a decent lunch together and then either crafted on our table or played out back until daddy got home from work. At which point, I would pass the parenting torch to Sammy, get dinner in the oven and got right to my Slim in 6 video. As Sammy and Sofia played, and got caught up on one anothers day outside, I got my 35 minutes of feel-good fitness. #perfection

This is my new routine; Saturday and Sunday, morning work-outs, and Tuesday – Friday evening work-outs.  


Slim in 6, the video, it’s pretty much amazing, let me tell you. From your cardio to your strength training it’s got it all; all packed into a 35 minute session. Can you believe I’ve only tapped into 1 of the 5 routines it offers,? So you can believe how stoked I was when the first one I do not only feels great but works like a hot-damn. Honestly, I’ve said it a million times, but I truly mean it, each and every morning I hurt so good. Anyone looking for a total body work-out video, look no more, not only does my naturopath highly recommend it, but I do too, and that outta be good for something.

WEIGH IN :: this morning, I did it, I stepped on the scale and saw a loss. Finally after a 3 week lull, as little as it is, it still feels great to be back in the game folks, so freakin’ good. Currently I stand at 166.6 lbs, which means I have lost a total of  28.8 lbs with only 21.2 lbs to go until I hit my 50 lb goal!

I’m expecting that my weight loss is going to be a little miley cyrus over the next few months after going off birth control. Trying to get a handle on my levels and fix a hormone issue I’ve masked for quite sometime is going to take some time, time and patients. So I am reminding myself now to stay focused, stay positive, and stay strong; soon this rocky-road will be the struggling memories that assure me that I can do anything I put my heart into.

JOIN US :: Come’on, join us! Buy your books {here or here}, plan and pin your favorite recipes from our weight loss journey board {here}, menu plan your attack phase, ensure you visit the Dukan Diet website, usa orcanada, {promocodes 15% off $100+ youcandukan15, or 5% off $50 youcandukan5}, and reach out to us letting us know you’re making a movement into health and happiness with us.

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