Weight Loss UPDATE :: Day 8


What a week! A simple cleanse, one that I actually looked forward to sipping and no carbs and I drop not only 4.5″ but 5.3lbs?! You’d better believe I was as shocked as I was proud. And would you believe, their wasn’t one day I craved carbs, if i craved anything at all it was convenience. The convenience that I felt when I could just open a cupboard and snatch a cracker in between meals or snuggle up to a bag of Doritos while I caught up on Big Brother Canada. BUT I didn’t, I didn’t cheat not even once.

I’m in it to win it; I got this!

I saw my naturopath on Monday this week, it was weigh-in day and of course get the deets on my weeks ahead. I will be seeing her every Monday from here on out; she’ll weigh me and make any adjustments to my plan based on the reading she gets. This week has been “all protein” and 3 liters of water a day; quite simple to understand but not as easy to follow, unless you plan ahead. My bestie Lindsay and I knew that doing this was going to take some serious planning, so over the weekend we planned a 10 day menu which was all protein based, we shopped for all that we would ever need and prepped anything that needed to be. It was a LONG 11 hours of thinking about meat and only meat, but we did it and are we ever glad that’s over! I’m sure we could have made things really easy and said chicken breast for lunch and steak for dinner, but we knew that we still wanted to function without killing someone so we planned for meals like burgers with dipping sauces, thai beef skewers, and even meatballs with a traditional Swedish sauce. And we did it all with protein, well protein and our allowed herbs and spices of course {we’ve even started a pinterest board with our recipes}! As we are both prepared for 10 days of this, it may change based on my next visit with Dr. Natalie. Thus far I am feeling fairly normal; however visiting the bathroom a lot more frequently than before, seriously who drinks 3 liters of water a day?!  I will keep you updated as the wild ride proceeds.

PS: you think I would have stepped up my game and at least put make-up on this week. not this kid, apparently I enjoy the humiliation of a make-up free bad angle combo for my before and after shots.

see my first post, cleanse recipe and before images here



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  1. Wahoo! Way to go! You can do see a difference already. Wow, so proud of you.

  2. I’m so happy that your post was in my inbox today. I’ve been really beating myself up about my weight lately and trying hard to find the motivation and inspiration to do something about it. Thank you for giving me a healthy dose of both. Congratulations! I’m really looking forward to following your journey.

  3. Awesome job Tairalyn!!!! You can definitely see the changes starting to happen comparing your photos…keep up the fabulous work 🙂

  4. Way to go mama, thanks for posting this and being so awesome to share your journey with us. xoxo

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