What I Wore 2 Month RECAP

Who doesn’t love a Fashion recap? I wanna hear from you. What was your favorite outfit over the past 2 months? What in your mind was a perfect ensemble? Trends and Fads come and go but Style is what we have when we wear something that makes us feel fabulous. Show me your Style and share links in the comments to your favorite outfit you wore recently. I always love a little Fashion Inspiration, who knows you could inspire me to wear something I never thought I would feel beautiful in…. like my puffed shoulder stripped jacket, I now call it my linebacker love. 

What’s your favorite Little Miss Mama look over the past 2 months?


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  1. I know that I have said it before but I so wish I had your fashion sense! You always look so great!

    • You are ever so sweet Maegan! Thank you very much….
      You don’t need my fashion sense – you have it. You just have to dive into your closet and put everything on that makes you feel beautiful. Know Maegan that Fashion is 20% Clothing and 80% Confidence!


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