What I Wore: Distressed Denim

TUNIC sirens
JEANS forever21
BELT h&m

What’s a girl to wear when they plan on spending half the day in the car driving to and from, and the remainder catching up with friends and family. Something comfortable, without sacrificing on beauty, that’s what. I could have easily slipped into tights and an over-sized sweater, put my hair in a bun and throw my hands up and say “I’M A MOM”, but I didn’t, and that’s what really matter here today. Stepped up my game, including my time spent getting ready, and chose to feel beautiful both on the inside and out. 

Last week while shopping, my mama layed her eyes on this gorgeous top. Can I say how head-over-heels in love I am? Can I also say how unlike me it is to go out in public without sleeves {a little silly hang-up I have about myself}. So today, I am proud. I am proud I took a step in getting over a foolish fear I’ve created out of nothing, embracing and loving the skin I am in. Yah for me!

It’s time lovelies. Do something for yourself that makes your fearful, you may realize its not all that scary to begin with. 

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