I am not entirely sure what I am in love with more. The Old Warn Sweater that I turned into a Chic New Scarf or the Placemats and Faux Fur Collar that I turned into a clutch. I’m thinking, chalk it up as a tie for love and just put another feather in my hat. 
Tell me, who has a pair of shoes specifically for Events that you sit at? You know, not worn out when you place on doing a whole lot of walking or moving, just looking good in the chair your parked in. WELL… admit it or not, these shoes are those for me. 

Who’s going to fess up, who owns a pair of shoes kind of shoes? Make yourself know…. 
Top – Joe Fresh
Pants – H&M
Jacket – H&M
Shoes – Micheal Antonio via Beyond the Rack
Purse – DIY
Belt – Charlotte Russe

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  1. I totally have sit down shoes, mostly per the husbands request. He does not love waiting on my small steps in high heels. ahaha My feet thank him for that.

  2. I have those for work, I am up and down flights and flights of stairs everyday. Love the heels, but the toes have to stay pretty 🙂


  3. You are so fabulous! You should seriously post your OOTD’s on a fashion site that I intern for…getstylin.com! Everyone would love your input!


  4. Love your outfit posts! I don’t have sit down shoes, but I definitely have “not for commuting shoes”. I take public transit everywhere and there are some shoes that are just not cut out for my train/bus/walking ways.


  5. Awww, your blog is so sweer! 😀 You have a great style sweetie! Your message on IFB was the best I recieved, you’re very cute! Following you here and on bloglovin’ NOW! 😀


  6. sweet* haha 🙁

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