WHAT I WORE: Shades of Blue

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TOP old navy
SKIRT joe fresh
TIGHTS target
BELT joe fresh
NECKLACE baublebar // ON SALE  FOR $24
BRACELET joe fresh
RING gifted by a gracious friend
SHOES pinky stella via beyond the rack
PURSE fendi // vintage
LIPSTICK matte rose via joe fresh

Just the other day I put it out there, I asked “COLORED TIGHTS… are you IN or are you OUT?”. The verdict was quite close actually, 58% said LOVE IT while a close 42% said HECK NO! You see this is a trend that either works for you, or it doesn’t. Can go horribly wrong, without you even knowing it; case in point. This outfit I put together has not won me over, but none the less I thought I would share it. A concept in your mind is always a good one, but when put forth, sometimes it proves that your mind needs a eye exam and a set of bottle-caps. On the bright side, I could easily go as a smurf for Halloween, I have a great starting piece to my outfit!

Let’s all raise our glasses and toast to our afford-ably luxurious lives.*ting*


Illustrations by Click of a Mouse Designs


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  1. Mama you dressed your colored tights so well, I love how they look with your shoes too!! Rock it!

  2. Try purple tights, a royal purple to go with the outfit!

  3. Love the outfit! I especially love the last picture you took with descriptions. AWESOME shot! 🙂

  4. I am iffy about colored tights too. I think the trick is for them to be very low denier and quite see through to work.

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