What I Wore: Shoe Pop

TOP ellen tracy
JEANS forever 21
JACKET forever 21
NECKLACE joe fresh
BRACELET thomas sabo
PURSE nine west
Yesterdays outfit was a throw it together kind of ensemble. Rushing out the door to get to our Baking Class for 10am. I know 10am one would think this should give us ample time to get fed, ready and out the door. This is not quite the case when you have given birth to a picky eat. Can I get a “ah-men” from all those mother’s out there who created a “only chicken strips and fries” eater?! I got creative this morning, must have gotten ample sleep, I put her french toast on a stick. She was all over that, but because of how much fun we were having eating, we ate loads more than usual. A mama of a picky eater never says no to a toddler who asks for “moooore”. 

A similar look to my Mama Uniform, but this time really having fun with my accessories and walking a fine line of almost going overboard. I’m a dare devil like that… Oh! And yes… Mr. T did call, he wants his necklace back. Pop by and shop almost all my looks here. Well how about we just say a fine mix of my existing looks and those that I wish I had. 

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