What to wear for the Holidays: RED

Christmas Party Attire - Red

Dressing for the Holidays doesn’t have to be daunting, nor does it have to be a dreaded task. Take inspiration from all the festivities and wear how you feel on the inside. Although you should REALLY be doing this each and everyday… baby steps! Red is a natural choice when Dressing for a Holiday Party. It seems to be the color of Christmas, along with its partner in crime, Green. I don’t suggest you wear the holiday combo together, unless of course you are attending an “ugly sweater christmas party“, but what I am suggesting it to take one of these colors and play with it. Today we are running with Red. Going with two looks, one a sweet and sassy ensemble, as the other gives more of a chic and sexy look. Play with accessories, go bold, and pair everything with a complimentary clutch. The perfect purse for the holidays, big enough to host your lipstick, gloss, cellphone and breathe mints, but small enough to keep your look glam. 

Red is complimenting to every skin tone, so tanned and angelic skins unite. Anyone and everyone can wear this hue and I want to see you all strutting your stuff this Office Holiday Party… Not too much though, whatever you do, don’t leave your class at the door. I wouldn’t want you walking the hall of shame the following days work. 

Next Tuesday, I’ll tackle red’s better half, green. Come back to see how you’ll make the guests “green with envy” at every party you attend:


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  1. Great party outfits. You are totally right, dressing for the holidays can be fun. It’s about being prepared and being comfortable in what you bought and also feeling pretty. Great outfits.



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