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Screw Christmas Crackers and New matching pajamas, I’ve managed to make a vacation a holiday tradition in our family… 
trust me guys, I’m even baffled by this one. 
Sammy and I have been vacationing in Whistler over the Holidays since we first started dating 10yrs ago, ACTUALLY WAIT! 
we even went there for our Honeymoon! This folks is why we call Whistler our happy place. We go up as close to Christmas as we can afford (no seriously, that’s the truth!). If we can manage a great rate or snag a Living Social deal early on in the year we go the week before Christmas, if we can’t and we’re hogtied into paying the going rates, then we go at the beginning of the month when the rates are only a little ludicrous. For this vacation tradition my main objective has been and will always be the same… ALL THINGS SNOW. To see it,  to play in it, to sit in bed waiting on room service and watch it fall. I dunno what it is, there’s just something about the white fluffy stuff that puts me right in the Christmas mood! Makes me get all cozy and ginger-bready, doing crazy things like eating cookies for breakfast and adding Egg Nog in my evening tea. 

Thanks to the Delta Hotel and Suites and their long standing collaboration with Living Social, we snagged another amazing deal for this years trip; we managed to get our accommodations under $400 for the 2-nights in the village, including parking and a $25 dining credit at Brickworks. But as time passed and the planning progressed, we noticed the dates we were going were not only guaranteed a winter wonderland but it was gonna be CRAZY COLD! Like colder than we’ve ever experienced there or anywhere for that matter (yes I’m from Canada and no I don’t live in an igloo). So after looking further into our families winter gear situation and coming up with a family set of $2 magic gloves, snow pants for Sofia and a jacket for Sammy, I was definitely gonna need amp up our families winter wardrobe this year.

YOU GUYS thank god I did, when we got there not only was it blizzard-like, but the weekend high was -6! #goodtimes

After the new winter wardrobe arrived thanks to Altitude Sports I was finally ready to zip those suitcases closed and get on with our long standing Holiday Tradition… Whistler Wonderland HERE WE COME!

We played in the snow, tobogganed down hills, sipped on Starbucks, shopped the village and of course dined at some of our favorite spots (El Furniture Warehouse and Dubh Linn Gate Pub). There was one thing that we did this time that we had never done before and that was wish the snow would stop. Wait a second, HEAR ME OUT! This was only because we wanted to make it home without visiting any ditches or making any claims into our insurance agent. People it was wildly cold and the snow was really coming down….

Fast forward to out current local weather forecast which is calling for another dump of snow this week on top of the existing 2′ we got that has yet to melt away…. I guess we could’ve saved the money and stayed home this year to get into the “Christmas Spirit”. AH-WELL! At least we’re putting our snow gear to good use, right?!

img_7837 img_7898 img_7908

>> Stella’s Booties <<
Altitude Sports // The North Face Fleece Bootie (sold out)

img_7982 img_7949

>> Stella’s Mittens <<
Altitude Sports // The North Face Baby Mitt

img_7967 img_8580 img_7947 img_7994

>> Sammy’s Gloves <<
Altitude Sports // Kombi Gloves

img_8012 img_8023 img_8033 img_8108 img_8097

>> Sofia’s Gloves <<
Altitude Sports // Kombi Animal Family Mittens (Check our Bruce the Moose #socanadianeh)

img_8051 img_8065 img_8091 img_7867 img_8170 img_8195 img_8201 img_8554 img_8144 img_8122

>> My Jacket <<
Altitude Sports // Columbia Canyon Cross Jacket

img_8133 img_8116 img_8192picmonkey-image

>> Sammy’s Pants <<
Altitude Sports // Burton Southside Pants

img_8600 img_8226

FUNNY STORY; so Sofia is a sensitive little one, you all know that, she wears her heart on her sleeve and she very much shows her many emotions no matter who’s around or where she is without reservation. While we were walking through the village on the first day Sammy had made her a snow ball, a claimed “special snow ball” that has sparkle and magic. We fell in love with the said ball of compressed snow, so much so we kept it in our hotel freezer to keep it’s sparkle with us through out our stay. When it came to leaving she asked “how are we gonna take home my snowball mama?!” and so the story goes….

Ziploc bag hung out the window for the win! 

…and If you’re wondering, yes, it still lives in our freezer at home this very day and likely will be there until the end of time!


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Disclosure:: Thank you to Altitude Sports for your amazing additions to our Getaway, I can easily announce that without them we would’ve froze, that or spent the entire holiday in our hotel suite. As always all opinions on the blog are my own.


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