{wordless} Wednesday

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We arrived through the gates by 11am and didn’t wave our goodbyes until nearly 9pm. This was the first time for some real fun at our local amusement park (Playland) with Sofia Marie. We went last year but she was still young and rides were still daunting, so this year Sammy and I were really looking forward to our annual visit to PNE. We rode every ride we could and a few of our favorites (like the motorcycle and the super slide) saw our excited faces a few 5 times. We ate all the unhealthy things, mini donuts, cotton candy, perogies, grilled cheese, french fries, fish tacos, and thai chicken curry; leaving no food truck untouched, it was regrettably good. Monday on the other hand was less than good.


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  1. kathy downey says:

    I love the photos you all must have has a blast,your daughter got your beautiful blue eyes

    • Thanks Kathy! We had an amazing time, the eyes get me everytime. How lucky that they stayed blue, apparently it wasn’t likely as per the doctor.


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