WWIW: Vancouver Fashion Week

VFW Outfit#3


Vancouver Fashion Week is literally around the corner, with opening gala being on Tuesday next week. I am running around slipping on and off outfits finding the perfect combination of pieces to make “the” outfit for the evening of fashionable fun. As I am sure many other are too, I am leaning on your lovelies to help in make me decision easier. I have posted each and every Friday for the past 3 weeks on outfits that I have been thinking about sporting during Vancouver Fashion Week. Here is the last outfit I will be running by you, my next posts will be images and stories of Fashion Scene here in Vancouver. I get gitty just thinking about it. So lovelies, what do you think? Does an outfit like this, a Geo-Print Skirt wit an over-sized Sweater, and golden pearl accessories work for a night of fashion?


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  1. I think its a fabulous outfit. You will look amazing and rock it. Can’t wait to see pictures. I’m hoping that next year I too will be attending VFW.



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